T5 Germicidal UV Fluorescent Lamp Fixture

T5 Germicidal UV Fluorescent Lamp Fixture

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Brand Name︰YUP

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

  • Features:

    • Wavelength: 185nm (ozone) 253.7nm (ozone-free)

    • Tube: high-purity quartz

    • Style: hot cathode

    • Functions: sterilization and disinfection

    • Hot cathode electrode, pre-heat start

    • Average lifespan up to 8,000 hours

    • Can use same size fluorescent lamp bracket and holder, the tube diameter and lamp base can be customized according to your need

    • Aluminum caps or ceramic caps, anti-oxygenation and radiation resistance

    • Polished aluminum alloy bracket, super ultraviolet ray reflection rate, there are internal installation E-ballast in the bracket, holes on the bottom of bracket for the screws fixing

  • Applications:

    • To use for disinfection cabinet, microwave, air conditioner, air purifier and other home appliances

    • Hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, home, office air sterilization and surface disinfection

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