SPECIFICATIONS: Lamp Type UV Sub-Type GERMICIDAL Volts 29 Watts 4.5 Bulb Type T5 Avg. Life (hrs) 6000 MOL (inches) 5.75

American Ultraviolet GML180, Aquanetics ALA-4, Q4IL, Q4SPT, Aqua-Star Portable Water Purifier, EcoQuest Fresh Air UV4, General Electric 15872, G4T5, Hawaiian Marine AN-4S, AN-4SA, OSRAM SYLVANIA G4T5, Purely UV Products PUVLB504 The lamp is 4 watts, 135 mm in length and has single on both ends, rated effective life 10,000 hrs., change once a year.


1749141843 mm05-0453-R
17998LP4580751554 mm05-0492
3084ZCSPL308441843 mm05-1343-R
3098751554 mm05-1338A-R
3087ZCSPL3087LP404541843 mm05-1341-R
LP4005751554 mm05-0124-R
LP4015751554 mm05-1337-R
LP405040843 mm05-0560
LP410516357 mm05-0559
LP416517357 mm05-1346-R
LP4425SB-1039357 mm05-0557
LP4535551148 mm05-1334-R
LP457041843 mm05-0453-R
LP460518977417498751554 mm05-0527
LP484041843 mm05-0200A-R
LP504040525 mm05-0501
LP61552561554 mm05-0423-R
LP410516357 mm05-0559
LP442532357 mm05-0557
LP405040843 mm05-0560
SBH-715330 mm05-0201-R