G10T8 F10T8/GL Germicidal Replacement Lamp, Light Bulb

G10T8 F10T8/GL Germicidal Replacement Lamp, Light Bulb

Model No.︰G10T8

Brand Name︰YUP OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

Wattage: 10W, 10 Watt Watts
Voltage: 46V

Glass: T-8, T8 Clear, UV Transmitting Glass

Base: G13 BiPin

UV Emission: 254nm

UVC Output: 1.9W

Overall Length: 13", 13 Inches, 330mm, MOL 13.5"

Average Rated Life: 6,000 hours

Lamp emits UV rays of 254nm and can kill most germs and microorganisms. Emits no ozone.

Alternate Part Numbers: G10T8/G, Ultraviolet Germicidal, AU/LG10T8, TUV10T8, FG10T8, Sterilamp®, Sankyo Denki, Galaxy GXG10T8, LUMINCO LMG10T8DC, Sunlite, F 10W GL, F10WGL, S10WGL, UVC, G10T8/G, 2W10S15W-2135, OPP-UV10W, TUV/10W/2P, GRM-0100, Ultraviolet, Hot Cathode, HYBEC, Westinghouse,  G10T8/10W, 11-054, LS10, Spectronics, Sankyo Denki, Ultra-Violet, TMC Pond UV Lamps, Toshiba GL-10, GE 29498 9.5W, Eiko 41386, Ushio 3000006, TUV/10W/T8/2P, 46722, 23374 G10T8/OF, AU/LG10T8, 21902A, SD-G10T8, 37080, GL10, GL-10, F10T8/GL, DYF10T8GL, DY/F10T8/GL, G10W,Coral Life 10 Watt, Eiko G10T8, General Electric 29498, G10T8, Osram Sylvania G10T8

Warning: Avoid direct exposure of eyes and skin under germicidal lamps. To prevent possible serious injury, eyes and skin should not be exposed to direct or reflected ultraviolet power emitted by this lamp. This lamp is in Risk Group 3 per ANSI/IESNA RP-27.3-96. Adequate protection should be provided by clothing, gloves, opaque materials, and ordinary window glass. Although this lamp will operate in standard fluorescent fixtures, it should not be used for general lighting applications.