manufacturing uv lamps

Company and Model Number of Lamps Available

Abatement Tech. UV425
Advanced UV, Inc 7330SWA, AUV-S
Company A2400, AP600, CE-10-2C, CE-10-2SL, CE-10-C, CE-10-SL, CE-15-2H, CE-20-2C, CE-20-C, CE-25-2H, CE-25-H, CE-30-2C, CE-30-2H, CE-30-C, CE-30-H, CE-36, CE-36-2, CE-5-H, DB36, DC14-2, DC14-4, DC16-2, DC16-4, DC24-2, DC24-4, DC33-2, DC33-4, DC45-2, DC45-4, GML005, GML010, GML015, GML020, GML025, GML040, GML060, GML070, GML080, GML090, GML095, GML100, GML120, GML1234T, GML1240T, GML140, GML180, GML195, GML205, GML210, GML215, GML220, GML270, GML290, GML325, GML350, GML365, GML370, GML410, GML415, GML420, GML425, GML425T, GML430, GML445, GR-10-SL, MRS3684P, RM-9U-105, RPT405T, RT-2G/2CWE, RT2G2CW27M, RT2GSCW277, RT-36-2GE, RT-36-2GM, RT-36-4GE, RT-36-4GM, SC-1, SM-10-2C, SM-10-SL, SM-15-H, SM-20-2C, SM-25-H, SM-30-2C, SM-30-H, SM36(L), TB12W, TB-24-W, TB-36-W, TTG-64, UF-10-SL, UFA-10-SL, UFA-25(H), WM-25(H), WM-36(L), 05-2609, 05-2610, 05-2611, 05-2612, 05-3220, 05-3221, 05-3222, 05-3223, 05-3224, 05-0093-R, 05-0094, 05-0117, 05-0378-R, 05-0458, 05-0630, 05-1017A-R, 05-1105-R, 05-1106-R, 05-1107-R, 05-1108-R, 05-1109-R, 05-1110-R, 05-1204A1-R, 05-1336A-R, 05-1337-R, 05-1338A-R, 05-1341-R, 05-1342A1-R, 05-1343-R, 05-1344-R, 05-1345-R, 05-1346-R, 05-1347, 05-1348-R, 05-1382-R, 05-1527-R
Amilair EZ Air Cleaners BE18, BE18TWIN, BE36, BE36TWIN, 05-0323-R, 05-0322-R, PL-L18W-TUV, PL-L36W-TUV
Aprilaire - Research Products Corporation 1910, 1930, 90, 87N77, 1076R, 05-0331R,GPH436T5L/HO/4PSE
Aqua Medic - Helix Max 80805
Aqua Ultraviolet UV 8 watt, 8 watt adv, 15 watt, 15 watt adv, 25 watt, 40 watt, 57 watt, 100 watt, 200 watt, 05-3235, 05-3230, 05-3231, 05-3236, 05-3232, 05-3233, 05-3234, 05-3228, 05-3229
3010, 3011, 3050, 3052, 3070,3084, 3087, 3095, 3098, 17491, 17498, 17820, 17998, 18024, 18197, 18198, 18977-11, 18977-3, 18977-4, CSL/60, CSL-4R-TOC, DW100, DW300, DW400, DW8, MP2SL, MP2SL, Optima 630, RBE/60, RBE/60, SL1, SL-10A, SP1, 05-0453-R, 05-0492, 05-0525, 05-0527, 05-0616, 05-0617, 05-0618, 05-0619, 05-1098-R, 05-1108-R, 05-1337-R, 05-1338A-R, 05-1341-R, 05-1343-R, 05-1346-R, 05-1347, 05-1352-R, G8T5, GPH287T5L, G10T5 1/2L, G10T5 1/2VH, G30T5L (AKA GSL692T5L), G36T5L Formerly G36T6L, G36T5VH, G64T5VH, G64T5L, 17491, 17498 & 18977-4, 17820, G64T5L/2P/SE, 18024, GHO64T5L/2P/SE, 18197, GHO36T5VH/2P/SE, 18198, GHO36T5L/2P/SE, 18977-11, GHO64T5L/2P/S, 17820, 17498, 18977-4, G64T5VH, G64T5L, G36T5VH, G30T5L, GSL692T5L, G10T5 1/2L, G36T5L, G36T6L, G36T5L, G36T6L, G36T5VH, G36T5L, G36T6L, 17820, G64T5VH, G64T5L, G36T5VH, G36T5L, G36T6L, G10T5 1/2L, G8T5, GPH287T5L
120IL, 15IL, 15SPT, 240IL, 25IL, 25SPT, 30IL, 360IL, 480IL, 50ILD, 600IL, 60IL, 720IL, 90IL, 960IL, ALA-15, ALA-25, ALA-30, ALA-4, ALA-8, PQ120IL, PQ15IL, PQ180IL, PQ240IL, PQ25IL, PQ300IL, PQ30IL, PQ360IL, PQ60IL, PQ8IL, PQ90IL, PQW120IL, PW30ILD, Q120IL, Q14L, Q15IL, Q15ILHP, Q15SPT, Q180IL, Q240IL, Q25IL, Q25ILHP, Q25SPT, Q300IL, Q30IL, Q30ILD, Q360IL, Q480IL, Q4IL, Q4SPT, Q50ILD, Q600IL, Q60IL, Q720IL, Q8IL, Q8ILHP, Q8SPT, Q90IL, Q960IL, QW120IL, W120IL, 05-1105-R, 05-1106-R, 05-1107-R, 05-1108-R, 05-1110-R, G4T5, G8T5, G15T8, G25T8, G30T8
Atlantic Ultraviolet
Replacement Lamps for the following models A75, 05-1108-R, A250, 05-1339-R, A600, 05-1341-R, A2400, 05-1312-R, BIO-1.5, 05-1366-R, BIO-3.0, 05-1370-R, DV250, 05-1339-R, DV600, 05-1341-R, DV75, 05-1108-R, M50, 05-1313A-R, M90, 05-1313A-R, M150, 05-1313A-R, M250, 05-1313A-R, MIN-1, 05-1119-R, MIN-1.5, 05-1366-R, MIN-3, 05-1366-R, MIN-6, 05-1370-R, MIN-9, 05-0097A-R, MP13, 05-1400-R, MP13A, 05-1400-R, MP16, 05-1098-R, MP16A, 05-1098-R, MP22, 05-1097-R, MP22A, 05-1097-R, MP36, 05-1116-R, MP36A, 05-1343-R, MP36B, 05-1343-R, MP36C, 05-1343-R, MP49, 05-1334-R, MP49B, 05-1334-R, MP49C, 05-1334-R, S14, 05-1400-R, S14A, 05-1400-R, S17, 05-1098-R, S17A, 05-1098-R, S23, 05-1097-R, S23A, 05-1097-R, S37, 05-1116-R, S37A, 05-1343-R, S37B, 05-1343-R, S37C, 05-1343-R, S50, 05-1334-R, S50B, 05-1334-R, S50C, 05-1334-R, S2400, 05-1311-R, S2400B, 05-1311-R, S2400C, 05-1311-R
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray® Ultraviolet Germicidal
Replacement Lamps - Slimline G12T6L, G12T6VH, G10T51/2L, G10T51/2VH, G18T6L,
G18T6VH, G24T6L, G24T6VH, G30T6L, G30T6VH, G36T6L,
G36T6VH, G37T6L, G37T6VH, G48T6L, G48T6VH, G64T5L, G64T5VH
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray Ultraviolet Germicidal Replacement Lamps
- Slimline U-Shape G18T6L/U, G18T6VH/U, G24T6L/U, G24T6VH/U,
G30T6L/U, G30T6VH/U, G36T6L/U, G36T6VH/U,
G48T6L/U, G48T6VH/U
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray Ultraviolet Germicidal Replacement Lamps - Cold Cathode CC12T6L, CC12T6VH, 782L10, 782VH10, CC18T6L,
CC18T6VH, CC24T6L, CC24T6VH, 782L20, 782VH20,
CC36T6L, CC36T6VH, 782L30, 782VH30,
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray Ultraviolet Germicidal Replacement Lamps - Preheat GPH212T5L, GPH212T5VH, GPH287T5L, GPH287T5VH,
GPH330T5L/4, GPH330T5VH/4, GPH357T5L/4, GPH357T5VH/4,
GPH436T5L, GPH436T5VH, GPH450T5L/4, GPH450T5VH/4,
GPH463T5L/4, GPH463T5VH/4, GPH620T5L/4, GPH620T5VH/4,
GPH793T5L, GPH793T5VH, GPH810T5L/4, GPH810T5VH/4
Aqua Treatment Service ATS ATS-15, ATS-1-805, ATS-2-436, ATS-2-457, ATS-4-450, ATS-8-246, DWS-12, DWS-15, DWS-24, DWS-6, DWS-7, DWS-8V, DWSW-12, DWSW-6, SE15, SE24, SE7, SE-8V, SL-5, SL-8, SL-8V, 05-0261-R, 05-0011-R, 05-1097-R, 05-1343-R, 05-1346-R, G36T5L, G36T6L, G10T5 1/2L, GPH436T5L, GPH456T5L, GPH450T5VH/4
Beckett PBF3000, PBF750
Biolite - Cuno Inc. BIO12, UVLB-1X
Biozone 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10-08025, 200R, 300FS, 400FS, BZ45, D500, GPH212T5L/4, 05-1119-R
Cal Pump BF1000, BF2000, BF4000, UV18, UV36, UV9, 05-0671, 05-0323-R, 05-0678, 05-0323-R, 05-0678, 05-0671, PL-S 9W/TUV, PL-L18W-TUV, PL-L36W-TUV
Calutech Air Purifier 196, 200, 244, 246, 900318, 900336, 2006 AT, 2006DS, 200M, 6721 HU, 9002, 9002 AT, 9002 CB, 9002DS, 9002MB, Air Tronics V2, AQ400, Clear Air Silver, DSL UV, Hurricane II, Mini Blue, Original Blue, 05-0323-R, 05-0678, PL-L36W-TUV
Catfish Lighting 9 Watt, 18 Watt, 36 Watt, 05-0323-R, 05-0678, 05-0458, PL-L18W-TUV, PL-L36W-TUV, PL-S 9W/TUV
Coral Life 3x, 77082, 6x, 77084, 8 Mega Watt, 15 Mega Watt, 25 Mega Watt, 05-0458, 05-0323-R, 05-1105-R, 05-1107-R, 05-0458, 05-0323-R, 05-1108-R, PL-S 9W/TUV, PL-L18W-TUV, G15T8, G25T8, PL-S 9W/TUV, PL-L18W-TUV, G8T5