05-1109-R replaces American Ultraviolet GML195, Aquanetics Aquanetics 6, Aquawinner UV S212T5, Champ Design CUV6, Charm CUV6, Eiko G6T5, General Electric 15873, G6T5, Ionic Breeze Desktop Air Purifier w/UV Protection, Ionic Breeze Car Air Purifier Model GP Ionic Breeze GP, Osram Sylvania G6T5, Philips Lighting 244855, TUV6T5, Purely UV Products PUVLB506, Sharper Image Desktop Air Purifier w/UV Protection, Ionic Breeze Car Air Purifier Model GP Ionic Breeze GP, Tropical Marine Center Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV6, Ushio 3000015, G6T5  it is 6 watts, 212 mm in length and has bi-pins on both ends

05-1110-R replaces 4 watts, 135 mm in length and has  bi-pins on both ends lamp, American Ultraviolet GML180, Aquanetics ALA-4, Aquanetics 4, Aquanetics Q4IL, Q4SPT, Aqua-Star Portable Water Purifier, EcoQuest Fresh Air, UV4, Eiko G4T5, General Electric 15872, G4T5, Hawaiian Marine AN-4S, AN-4SA, Orbitec 007859, Osram Sylvaina G4T5, Philips Lighting 363713, TUV4T5, Purely UV Products PUVLB504, Spectronics BLE2537/S, Ushio 3000013

05-1108-R replaces American Ultraviolet GML205, Aquafine 3010, SP1, Aquanetics ALA-8, Aquanetics 8, PQ8IL, Q14L, Q8IL, Q8ILHP, Q8SPT, Atlantic Ultraviolet A75, DV75, Barnstead Thermo Fisher Scientific 04141, Coral Life 8 Watt, Eiko G8T5, Fish Mate  Watt, AN1329, BioPond, Gamma Current - USA 8 watt, UV 1410, General Electric 11077, G8T5, Hawaiian Marine AN-8, AN-8A, Ionic Breeze Ionic Breeze Desktop GP, Laguna Power Max 1000, PT-1650, PT-1651, PT521, Osram Sylvania G8T5, Philips Lighting 299305, TUV8T5, Purely UV Products PUVLB508, Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Desktop GP, Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead 04141, Tropical MarineL Center Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV8, Ultra Dynamics 7001-727,Ushio 3000016, G8T5 it is 8 watts, 288 mm in length and has bi-pins on both ends

05-1107-R replaces American Ultraviolet CE-25-2H, CE-25-H, GML215, SM-25-H, UFA-25(H), WM-25(H)
Aquanetics 25IL, 25SPT, 50ILD, ALA-25, Aquanetics 25, PQ25IL, Q25IL, Q25ILHP, Q25SPT, Q50ILD
Coral Life 25 Watt
Fish Mate 25 Watt
General Electric 11082, G25T8
Gamma Current - USA 25 Watt, UV 1412
Ideal Horizons 22003
Laguna PT1655
Osram Sylvania G25T8
Purely UV Products PUVLB525
R-Can sterilight S2R, S2RA, S2RL
Tropical Marine Center, Vecton UV, Pond Clear Advantage UV25
Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. UNDI 07-4000, 17-1001, G25T8, VM-18-120-01
Ushio 3000008
, it is 25 watts, 436 mm in length and has bi-pins on both ends

Equivalent UV Germicidal Replacement Lamps 05-0671 replaces: Beckett PBF3000, PBF750, Cal Pump BF1000, UV9, Purely UV Products PUVH2309, PL-S 9W/TUV Equivalent The lamp is 9 watts, 145 mm in length and rated effective life 10,000 hrs., change once a year.

05-0323R replaces Amilair BE18, BE18TWIN, Cal Pump BF2000, UV18 (2006 & before), Calutech Air Purifier 900318, 9002MB, Mini Blue, Catfish Lighting 18 watt, Coral Life 77084, 6x, Phili-ps Lighting PL-L18w/TUV/4P, PLL18WTUV, TUV18, Purely UV Products PUVG1118, Tetra Pond PUV2500, PUV4000, UV2 Pond Clarifier, UV2, Ultravation LPPP0001, UVE-2000 it is 18 watts and 220 mm in length.

05-0678 replaces Amilair BE36, BE36TWIN, Cal Pump BF4000, UV36, Calutech Air Purifier 196, 200, 244, 246, 900336, 2006 AT, 2006 DS, 200 M, 6721 HU, 9002 (2001-2003), 9002 AT, 9002 CB, 9002 DS, Air Tronics V2, AQ400, Clear Air Silver, DSL UV, Hurricane II, Original Blue, Catfish Lighting 36 Watt, Coral Life Turbotwist 36 Watt, Custom Sea Life Double Helix 36 Watt, Ionic Breeze PL-L36w/TUV, SI362BLU, Oase Living Water 55432, Bitron 36, Bitron 36C, Bitron 72, Bitron 72C, Philips Lighting 265850, DL36, PL-L-36w/TUV, TUVPLL36W/4P, Purely UV Products PUVG1136, Sharper Image PL-L36w/TUV, SI362BLU, Tetra Pond PLL36, UV3, UV3 Pond Clarifier, Ultravation LPPP0002, UVE1036, UVE-2036,  Ushio 3000339, GPL36K it is 36 Watts and 410 mm in length.

05-0331-R  replaces  Aprilaire Lamp 1910, 1930, 90, 87N77, 1076R, Aqua Ultraviolet 57 Watt, Lennox 87N77,  Purely UV Products PUVLF43H, Savio UVinex SUV057, Second Wind Air 1002KCS, 1076, 2000, 8000, 9000, four-pin, 48 watts and 436 mm in length, four-pin