SterLRay UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1366-R for BIO1.5, MIN1.5, MIN3.0, and AERO-12, 287 mm measured from base face to base face also fits
Aqua Ultraviolet UV 15 Watt
Atlantic Ultraviolet BIO-1.5, MIN-1.5, MIN-3
ATS Aqua Treatment Service ATS-4-287
Glasco 1508
Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-1
Ideal Horizons 41003, 42002, LBR-4
Purely UV Products PUVLF285
Siemens LP4130
Sol-Air Systems, Inc. ES-SolAire Two, ES-SolAire Two-2UV
Sunlight LP4130
Trojan UV Technologies 602, 650144, UV602, UV622        
Ultra Dynamics 7001-805, P1, S2, VP-1
Watts WUV2, HSUV-SS-2-1, WUV Lamp 2
Xtra-Fresh Air ES-SolAire Two
GPH287T5L/4, GPH287T5L/4

Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) 25 Watt, Atlantic Ultraviolet BIO-3.0, MIN-6, ATS Aqua Treatment Service ATS-4-436, Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-5-1, Ideal Horizons 42016, Lancaster Pump LUV-7R, Purely UV Products PUVLF435, Samkun Centry Co. JSA-1000, Savio Uvinex SUV025, Siemens LP4290, Sunlight LP4290, Ultraviolet Purification EP1XS, Ultraviolet Purification L14UT4, Watts HSUV-SS-5-1, WUV Lamp 6, GPH436T5L/4

05-0148-R replaces Ideal Horizons 41012, 41038, 41010, SS-20, SSW-20, SSW-30, SSW-45, SSW-60, SV-20, SV-30, SV-45, SV-60, Lancaster Pump 12-6, LUV-20E, LUV-30E, LUV-45E, LUV-60E, Siemens LP4075, Sunlight LP4075, Watts T1403-0194, Wedeco 41038 and GPH810T5VH/4, The lamp is 39 watts and 810 mm in length.

05-1534-R replaces Aqua Ultraviolet UV 40 Watt, Aqua Ultraviolet UV 40 Watt, AquaPro Industrial UV12GPM-HTM, UV12GPM-H, ATS Aqua Treatment Service ATS-4-843, Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-12-1, R-Can sterilight 12QA, S24QA, S24QAUV, S8RL/4P, SUV 24-1000, Samkun Centry Co JSA-3000,  JSA-5000, Watts HSUV-SS-12-1, WUV12, GPH843T5L/4, it is 41 watts, 843 mm in length